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February 28, 2006


Bronson should stick to releasing new albums and not opining on trade rumors. He's from Key West, so is he going to play for the Conch Republic in the WBC?

I gotta say, while Jim Bowden is most certainly a self-aggrandizing egomaniac, all this hub-bub about Brian Lawrence is nuts. The guy passed the physical with flying colors. Is it industry practice in professional baseball to do MRI's on every trade? On ever pitcher? On starting pitchers? On starting pitchers who have recently thrown over 200 innings?

The answers are no, no, no, and no. The answers should be no, no, no and yes; and then add in other players who have histories of injuries or are suspect on physicals. Everyone is looking at the Lawrence of "abrasia" deal knowing that he has a bum arm. Everyone who lambasted this trade last year please step forward...

No one came forward, because NO ONE criticized this deal based on his physical health. We dumped Castilla because the cartilage in his knees looked like pulled pork BBQ (I prefer St Louis style myself), and he was getting overpaid. We dumped salary, made room for our phenom, and brought in another arm that would hopefully eat up innings.

Everyone get off their soap box, we didn't do an MRI on the wood and it might be brittle from termites.

SomeGuy - you make a bunch of valid points -I can't remember which ones specifically, but I know they're in there somewhere. The one small detail is that the trade was not a salary dump by the Nats as you said - it was pretty much a financial wash - both teams are on the hook for about $3 mil in salary in '06. So now the Nats are stuck with Lawrence and his bum labrum (which wasn't known at the time) and Padres are on stuck with Vinny Castilla, his bad knees, and his hockey hair. Overall, I agree with you on MRI-gate. It's just another opportunity for people to poop all over Bowden - he deserves a lot of the crap he's been getting from people for some of his moves this offseason, but it's hard to fault him on the MRI/Lawrence situation. Think of it this way: If Bowden/Nationals had asked for the MRI for Lawrence (even though there was no reason to believe he was damaged goods), it is a lock that the Padres would have turned around and asked for an MRI for Vinny. And the deal would have been killed, and the Nats would have been stuck with Vinny Castilla and his bad knees and hockey hair for another year, and the Zimmerman experiment would have probably been set back another year, because it's not very likely you would have found another suitor for Castilla.

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