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March 10, 2006


Who is this Smulyen guy? Let's break his name into two parts to figure it out. "Smuly" and "en". "en" means "in" in Spanish. So what's he in? Who knows. That man is tricky.

Tavares said..."If you're just getting to know people, to get disappointed that quick, there would clearly be something wrong with the new owner."

Un effing believable.

SomeGuy, sadly, that might be the last time I'm able to make a reference to Smulyan as the future owner of the team, because it's looking more and more likely that it's gonna be the Lerner group. But I think it would have been a lot more fun watching people twist themselves into knots (ie: Tom Boswell) if Smulyan had been handed the keys to the franchise by Selig.

Another Guy - "Un effing believable" is probably the best way to sum up the comments by Tavares - not exactly a vote of confidence for our Jim.

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