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August 16, 2006


I happened to be there, a great night to pick a random game to go to (and free tickets). Great game, well pitched by Astacio. He wasn't overpowering, he wasn't overly masterful. He threw very few pitches that made you jump out of your seat. But he pitched well, threw a lot of ground balls and had good defense behind him.

Let's not forget the decent offensive performance by the Nats. Timely Braves errors helped immensely, but it was nice to see thigns go our way for once. And especially, big ups to Bernie Castro (El Jefe's illegitimate 2nd cousin I think, nicknamed, El Otro) who bunted for a hit AND an RBI.

Soriano will also end the year hitting over .300, and will sneak in his SBs to get to the 40/30 mark.

If Lopez improves his defense next year, we resign Soriano, and we get some pitching, we could be good. That's a few big IFs.

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