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August 07, 2006


Everyone immediately buy tickets to the September 1-3 series at RFC against Arizona. I'll be the guy wearing my homemade Livan Hernandez tummy pouch, limping around on a bum knee, but still getting the job done (and by "job done" I mean drinking several highly priced beers).

Livan has been great for us, sad to see him go, but his plus sized bootie does look good going the other way.

John Patterson (our #1 starting pitcher and self-proclaimed staff ace) will just pick up all those innings right? Armas will just continue to own the NL?

Oh, the 6th most innings pitched for the Nats still is Majewski? Stanton is still eighth? And our closer is 7th??? CRAP! Good thing we're eyeballing Canseco. If we sign him, I'm busting out my "This is what Pork Barrell Spending looks like on Steroids..." sign.

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