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August 20, 2006


Awwwwww! Very cute! Have a great vacation.

Don't let him pitch for the Nats, he'll get injured. I bet he throws a great spit-up ball (very cheesy).

Time for a fill-in Nats Mailbag that no one will ever read!!!!!

As always, there's are actual questions; but with worse answer's than normal

Isn't it time the Nats stop using outfielder Damian Jackson in important situations? Sunday's three-error performance was atrocious.
-- Robert L., Leesburg, Va.

Do we have any better options? If the minor league's were a little better off, we'd be seeing a heavier stream of young guns. Damian is a good guy to have around to fill in, but he plays absolutely no part in our future plans. We just need someone who we can replace him with...

I'm not one to jump to conclusions about a player after a short time, but I'm still curious about what general manager Jim Bowden sees in Austin Kearns. What makes Kearns worth the price of the pitching potential given up to get him?
-- Robert B., Virginia Beach, Va.

To quote Bowden, it's all about, "Pitching pitching pitching!" I hear he threw a great knuckler in Little League. Austin Lopez is about potential. Kearns is (was?) supposed to be a decent power bat to build on in the future, but RF in DC may be a little cursed (or it might be the proximity to the bullpen, let's put it back in LF)

My question has to do with catcher Brian Schneider and next year. What is the catching situation with Robert Fick and what chance does Brandon Harper have with the team in the future?
-- Larry, Houston

Well, anyone who thinks that the end of this season and not Spring Training will dictate who starts next year is nuts. Look for Schneider to be much better next year when he doesn't play in the World Baseball Classic.

Alex Escobar's potential appears to be great. In your opinion, how good can he be if he gets healthy?
-- Jeff, Sacramento, Calif.

ThisGuy loves Escobar, but the last thing we need is another injury prone player. It's nice to see Nick make it through (almost) one year without getting hurt, but there's still time (reverse jinx anyone?). I hope Escobar puts it together next year and we have a solid fulltime CF.

Do you think that Kory Casto has the chance to become a valuable player off the bench for the Nationals over the next few years?
-- David, Seaford, Del.

If we resign Soriano, then we might as well trade either Casto or Johnson. But since there's absolutely no chance we resign "Alf", look to see Casto getting some ABs next year.

It seems to me that Randy St. Claire deserves more recognition than he has received. What do you think?
-- Joel, Chaseman, Wash.

St. Claire has done a pretty decent job with what he's been given. A pitching coach in the major league's is more of an armchair psychologist than someone who meddles with mechanics. If Bowden gets him better ingredients, we might find out if St. Claire is a Master Chef or a Diner's Chef.

Is Ryan Zimmerman a candidate for the Rookie of the Year? With a .283 average, 17 home runs and 83 RBIs, he should be.
-- Andrew R., Washington D.C.

Who cares!!! Will he have a sophomore slump? Will he continue to be the guy that a new team dreams of: a smart, well-spoken, articulate, good looking, quality ball player? Let's all hope so, because we're going to need a new "face" for the team next year, and he's the man. Though, I do dig Nick's mustache.

What is Jose Vidro's future with the Nationals? Should the Nationals trade him for some young prospects, or should we bring him back?
-- Aaron B., Springfield, Va.

Given the Nats luck, Vidro's legs will rebound enough for him to play the rest of the season, and he'll stink. Rumor was he tanked and faked his injury come trade deadline, but has anyone ever really tried to spend more time in DC during the summer? Heck, all the interns were gone!! If anyone one wants an aging, slowing, injury prone 2B, then we've got a deal to make!

Do you think Cristian Guzman is still in the Nats' future plans with the arrival of Felipe Lopez?
-- Rich R., Slingerlands, N.Y.

Everyone is hoping that something, anything, can be done with "the Guz" next year. The ideal situation is of course Guzman at SS, Lopez at 2B and Vidro on an airplane. But I wouldn't hold your breath. Look for some Spring Training controversies on who should play.

Oh, he is just too PRECIOUS! How cute!

SomeGuy - consider yourself hired. I should've asked you to fill in for me this week. Next time. Ok, back to the beach...


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