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August 11, 2006


Soriano's throw was amazing. The catch was maybe a B or B+, a top spin line drive that he caught off the top of his shoes (he hesitated a second to come in on it, but that's the correct reaction to a ball hit right at you). But the throw was perfect. He looked like he was at SS making a toss over to first base. Except it was twice the distance, though just as perfect.

The number of OF assists he has are a product of people testing his arm, so they are inflated, but he's made the throws for the outs.

Maybe Soriano can pitch???

Send Wagner back for Majewski? Sure, I'd do that deal (right now), but I doubt the Reds would do it (or shouldn't).

Well, the Nationals due need pitching, so . . . put Soriano out there. He can pitch every fifth day, and play the outfield on the other days. Great hitting, someone to pitch, and great outfield fielding. What more can you ask for?

I couldn't watch the game last night (thanks to Comcast and MLB.TV blackout), but it sure SOUNDED like a great throw - wish I had seen it.

The Wagner-Majewski thing was just a little joke. not a very funny joke, but a joke, none-the-less. Wagner shouldn't even be up in the majors right now - as Svrluga pointed out in the Post this morning, he should be down in AAA or AA ball figuring his shit out. Unfortunately, these are the Nationals, so...

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