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January 09, 2007


I think Robinson got the shaft from the Nationals. But I also think he was potentially expecting a position that just wasn't going to come his way. Now clearly the Nats should have given him a position of some nature, maybe he could have been one of Bowden's 15 special assistants or consultants. He didn't need to be a VP or anything, but give him a thanks for what he did for the organization.

I think it's also BS to call Frank and inform him that you are honoring him. That's not how it works. You call Frank and ask him if you can honor him, that it means a lot to the organization and you want the chance to show him that you care.

THEN you F'ING offer him a front office job. Hell, make him a Major League executive scout or something. Geez.

Well, all I know is offering Frank a job with the Nat Pack -- and remember, they're looking for "Gymnasts, Dancers, Promotions People, Cheerleaders..." oh and you have to be a WOMAN... -- is clearly disresptful to a baseball legend.

Get over it people.

Frank gave us nothing and we owe him nothing. Why does he expect a free meal ticket from a group that employed him for just a few short months?

Let MLB employ the old man, they were the ones that appointed him to the Expos job, and by default the Nationals. Not the Lerners or Stan Kasten.


Nothing? Really? "Frank gave us nothing and we owe him nothing." I love that. You're so serious!

I might almost agree that in terms of simply 'owing' Frank a job, it's more Bud Selig than Stan Kasten that 'owes him' a job. But -- forget that -- from strictly a business standpoint it would have made sense for the Lerners to bring him back for another season. The Nats can't afford the bad PR hit. This season is a tough sell as it is.

It's impossible for you or me to know what Frank actually asked for, and seeing as how Kasten chose to hold his tongue about the whole deal, you have to think that Frank was being 'difficult', but I'm surprised that they couldn't find something that would've been mutually beneficial.

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