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January 11, 2007


What is worrisome for me is that most people have very positive comments on Stan "the man", so it's curious that he seems to have "botched" this situation.

Jimmy "the hair", well not too many people respect him, so this is typical.

I also think that the Lerner's would typically behave in a professional and respectful manner.

My guess is that Frank had it sent in his mind that he'd get a specific job, and he's lashing out. But I also am guessing "El Pelo" was adament about not having him within the organization.

I've actually got faith in what they're trying to do (Kasten via the Lerner Group), but I really think they might be underestimating the power of good will and just how bad this decision might be from a PR standpoint. (and by PR we mean Public Relations, not Peurto Rico).

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