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January 05, 2007


To be semi-serious (with all due apologies), I hope that the Lerners are using the Pittsburgh Steelers model for managing/developing a team. Never pay "too much" for a free agent player, don't bring in flashy free agents either, don't bring in the big name coach, don't try to make a splash with a signing (ala Danny Boy Snyder, aka the pretzel boy), etc.

Steelers ownership has always been classy and dignified, and they made it clear to the fans that they would not go bezerk with with willy-nilly signings etc.

Of course, since the Redskins model seems to be what Washington fans crave, I'm probably just getting my hopes up...

Don't think you have to worry, all signs seem to indicate that the Lerner group is the Anti-Snyder...

As an aside, check out part 1 of the Nats 320 interview with Kasten:


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