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January 29, 2007


1) "Church, Fick, Flores, Lee, and Womack" - Sounds like a stellar law partnership.

2) All the BS about the Nationals/Expos/Senators history stuff is stupid. Any fan of DC baseball should be proud to have anything to be proud of! I'll claim Andre Dawson if he gets in the HOF, you betcha. DC's history for baseball has one or three bright spots, and lots of filler (like a bad crabcake). We have to take what we can get.

3) Why do the nationals.com pick the questions they do? Most of them are particularly uninformed, about 6 weeks too late, and typically nonsensical. Let's face some facts:

The Nats are going to stink this year. We have no pitching. We're building for the future. Management treated Frank Robinson poorly. Ryan Church is not our savior. John Patterson is injury prone, and he's our best pitcher. Chad Cordero will have a "down" season as he'll have minimal save opportunities.

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