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March 31, 2007


Even if Castro, er, Casto hit 1.000 this spring, this was preordained. Mgmt won't let a prospect earn service time toward arbitration if they can possibly help it. That's standard operating procedure throughout the majors. So instead of letting the kid earn his keep at the major-league level, they give us a few more months of Willie Mays Hayes trying to hit lefthanded.

Loved this line from the Times article: "Meanwhile, Acta wishes Logan's groin had been tested a little more..."


I guess the bigger question (for me, anyway) is: what will it take to uninstall these guys? Not that I'm hoping for failure in either case, I love watching Nook chase fly balls and I'm as puzzled by Ryan Church as anyone, but I don't get why Acta felt he had to name Logan and Church as "his guys" so early on. In Logan's case, maybe it had something to do with him agreeing to make all those appearances on the Nats Winter Caravan? With Church, maybe it was to show him that "respect" that has supposedly been lacking from the organization?

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