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May 05, 2007


You know what would be cool? If someone would go back and find all those articles that people wrote about how Patterson didn't "suck", and could "throw strikes", and was "more effective than my 12 year old niece".

Yup, that'd be cool.

Note: the following comment was emailed to the Enquirer on May 5th -- apparently the author was having trouble seeing the word verification thingie on the site necessary to post it: "Therefore, I am sending my comment to you in this e-mail and hope that you will post it for me. Since the comment is unfavorable to you I doubt that you will post it, but I believe it is a fair one."

Here it is:

It would help if you would get your facts straight. I have read all the things written so far about Saturdays game and nowhere do I find John Patterson "blaming his poor performance against the Cubs this afternoon on getting hit in the face with a foul ball during BP on Friday". Though it is true that he did get hit in the face, on the Nats website Bill Ladson writes that Patterson has pain in his right biceps near the elbow, that he has had it for some time and has tried to pitch through it. When you write untrue things like this, you soon lose your credibility!

The post was written prior to Patterson's start, and was intended to be a joke. Credibility is overrated anyway.

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