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July 11, 2007


Fear not Tony Batista: Ryan Langerhans will play 1st base when Da Meat Hook departs.

The Natosphere will be resurrected. Curly W has already answered the call. The Nationals Enquirer will lead the surge into 2008, inciting daily belly-laughter (Two prolonged absences are plenty!).

Stay strong Miss Chatter! Stay strong Basil!

Thanks for your support...

Langerhans at first? He'd probably do ok over there, actually...

10. Offense, assuming they trade Dmitri, how bad will it be?

anonymous: It'll be bad. Really really bad. But probably not historically bad. You've probably already checked out this post (http://dcbb.blogspot.com/2007/07/patently-offensive.html) over at Capitol Punishment. Yikes.

I guess if I could go back and change my list, I'd remove #9 (because really, who cares about a bunch of bloggers?) and replace it with something about Attendance. As in: how low will it go?

If the Nats trade Dmitri Young, the Boz will kill Jim Bowden with laser beams. It will be brutal, yet painless and efficient.

The best story of the year is realizing that Ryan Langerhans is the yin to Nook Logan's yang.

Hey TP, I think you might be on to something with your Boz/laser beam idea and definitely one worth watching out for...but I figured you'd throw something on the list related to Chico? Nice job over there (http://mattchicorules.blogspot.com/) -- a rather stirring post today (I actually stood up while I was reading it, very moving indeed!)

...and then how did "that" blogger get to actually SIGN that last piece? I thought the team hated him?!?

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