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September 01, 2007


I was REALLY hoping for "Reading Railroaded" as the title post. Oh well.

Great coverage of the ever fascinating AE (has to be his new name! Might stand for "always elsewhere" "always enjured" give me some liberties there or even "absolute excrement"), but how about that John Patterson fellow? I think I had more bearing on Nats games this year than he did. And kudos to him for being pissed off when the press asked him where the heck he's been all year. I mean geez, how could they even DREAM of asking him such a tough question!

To all those writers and bloggers who were touting JP's promise, I give you a GIANT "I TOLD YOU SO".

I like to think of him as "all preparation, and no H".

Sad that the saving grace of the Nats is college football, fanatical Redskins coverage (8-8 at best), and the collapse of the O's.

Way to go Nats!

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