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September 13, 2007


is really hard to see that happens in MLB baseball,, they should get out of Florida fast if they want to the Marlins keep existing

Maybe we can get the Marlins to move to Wash---never mind.

How about: Move the Marlins to...Montreal! They could be called: Les Marlins! The triumphant return of Youppi! Don't forget, Jeffrey Loria was involved in the bag job that gave the Red Sox to John Henry, the Marlins to Loria, and the Expos to MLB (and eventually DC)...so it would all come full circle or something.

I've had more people show up to my local circle jerk.

Well, onside kick: I don't really know how to respond, but it's refreshing to hear that even though attendance may be down for the local nine in South FLA, there's no letdown (at least locally) for you and yours...

Serves Jeffrey Loria right for being such an idiot. He destroyed the Montreal Expos and now he's drawing 400 fans in Miami. Loria, you are the worst owner in profesional sports.

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