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September 03, 2007


Wasn't "Welcome back Chico" a hit TV sitcom in the 70's?

Early, early, early 70's, maybe. Seems to ring a bell...

small markt fans should stop complaining that east coast teams can buy pennants and syart getting together and demand a salary cap be implemented into baseball-this from a former expos fan now living in new york whos heart was broke in 1993 when we were going to the world series-and the strike came. i had waited since the teams inceotion to finally get a chance to root my team on. and they took it away from me. i havent been to a baseball game since. and i use my free time to e-mail sportscasters etc. on why a salary cap is needed in baseball. i follow the nats as you are my former expos. get together with the other small market teams and make this league balanced and competitive for everyone.

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