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February 12, 2008


Doomed? Are you joking? What is your obsession with Livan? Granted, he eats innings (and other things) but he is now nothing more than an old .500 pitcher with 5 ERA. There are enough options now wiating in the wings for the Nats if Hill or Patterson or the others go down.

Thankfully, Tomo Ohka is still available.

-phil, as ridiculous as it sounds, you might be on to something there...I'm half kidding.

Either that or we get the District police department to put an APB out on Jerome Williams.

-jayz, look, all I'm saying is that I don't feel good about this alleged rotation they're about to throw out there that has as many question marks as the one they threw out last season. Livan expressed a desire to be here and there's a good chance he would've taken a hometown discount (whatever that means)-- he would have brought instant credibility and stability to the staff. Not to mention, even without a hometown discount (whatever that means), a $5 million investment for one season that guarantees your bullpen a night off once every 5 days is a good investment, in my humble opinion.

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