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February 12, 2008


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Doomed? Are you joking? What is your obsession with Livan? Granted, he eats innings (and other things) but he is now nothing more than an old .500 pitcher with 5 ERA. There are enough options now wiating in the wings for the Nats if Hill or Patterson or the others go down.

Thankfully, Tomo Ohka is still available.

-phil, as ridiculous as it sounds, you might be on to something there...I'm half kidding.

Either that or we get the District police department to put an APB out on Jerome Williams.

-jayz, look, all I'm saying is that I don't feel good about this alleged rotation they're about to throw out there that has as many question marks as the one they threw out last season. Livan expressed a desire to be here and there's a good chance he would've taken a hometown discount (whatever that means)-- he would have brought instant credibility and stability to the staff. Not to mention, even without a hometown discount (whatever that means), a $5 million investment for one season that guarantees your bullpen a night off once every 5 days is a good investment, in my humble opinion.

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