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March 19, 2008


It would be great for the fans to have Livan! on the hill for the opener . . . plenty of free baseballs for the fans in the left and right field bleachers. Not only that, his massive pitch counts would leave plenty of time to patronize the many wonderful restaurants and snack shops.

Let Livan! rest in peace.

you might be right that it's time to let the memory of big fat Livo rest in peace; but every now and then, when I think about the reality of Odalis Perez and giant sinkhole that the 2008 rotation could turn into, I fear for the health of the bullpen. Would've been nice have the big fat guy heading up the rotation, eating innings, and maybe, yes, providing plenty of souvenirs for the fans in the bleachers. (Ignore that he's been completely stinking it up for the Twins this spring, whatever that means)

But yeah, we'll move on.

Is this the same Livan that sells cartoon balloons in town and calls his child Jesus 'cause he likes the name?

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