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May 22, 2008


The owners are pissed off, at DC for the stadium not being "done on time".

I mean, why would they be pissed that their teams stinks, or that it's taken 1/3rd the season for their concessions people to learn how to do their jobs (and this is mostly just because attendance is so bad).

Bowden is a self-serving moron. i odn't knwo what baseball team he's watching that's playing "good baseball", especially when his lead-off hitter slaps the first pitch he sees after watching the previous two hitters take walks in the bottom of the ninth.

go get us some help Bowden, you self-serving bozo.

Dave: yeah, that 'good baseball' quote is just insulting. I'm willing to be patient -- in fact, I HOPE they remain patient with the current disaster that is Dukes/Milledge/Pena in the OF, but Bowden is just being delusional or disingenuous or both with this crap.

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