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June 13, 2008


If only the Nats could figure out a way to play the Mets all year, Paul would find his own reasons not to play.

Is there any logical move to make that involves keeping Lo Puka on the roster? He isn't as good defensively as Nieves, he's not as good a hitter as Flores. But he sure does hate ra-ra players and Lastings, so he's got that going for him, right?

(Flores is obviously the best of the trio right now; evidently the Nats and pitchers love Nievers; so we're keeping LoDuca why?)

"...so we're keeping LoDuca why?"

because Bowden is holding out hope that Lo Duca will somehow prove he isn't a bust and justify the $5M paycheck he gave him...because the bad moves by Trader Jim are slowly beginning to outnumber the good moves made by Trader Jim, and that's going to cost him his job.

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