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June 27, 2008


Let's try this:

I'm trying to convince fans (especially companies) who are grossly overpaying for tickets. By pretending I'm upset with performance it makes me seem like I care. I may care, but it doesn't appear that I do.

(note: I'm biased, but I think the Nats have had more injuries to our "core" players than other teams)

The Nats remind me of the 1999 Los Angeles Angels squad that lost 92 games. I sat in the Metrodome and watched them and the Twins, who were everybit as bad, bumble and stumble, thinking my high school team could have beat these guys.

But look what the Angels and Twins have done since. There is hope.

Michael Norton
Michael Norton
Some Clubhouse

Hope. Patience. It all sounds good to me. Except that, by nature, I'm generally an impatient pessimist. I really DO feel better about things this morning just knowing Stan feels worse about it than I do.

Little known fact: Stan has 50% more nerve endings than a normal person. He didn't go bald, he pulled out his hair because he couldn't stand the way it was scraping the top of his head.

harper deserves a free "Nationals Enquirer: Our paper bag has a curly W" t-shirt for that comment. Brilliant.

If I had t-shirts, I'd give harper two of 'em...Hey, i like that slogan, by the way. Might have to steal it...

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