July 24, 2008


this deal was "just right". of course GMs with relievers to sell said the Nats didn't get enough. and of course Lowrie and Bowden are too much for Rauch.

Nats fans are really overvaluing Rauch. Closers grow on trees (see: Rauch, Jon). slick-fielding 40 steal guys do not.

Dave, I'm totally fine with the deal, too. Just trying to get a feel for what would've constituted a "good" deal from the pov of people who hated it...

Everyone thinks they could do good deal. I heard someone mention Cordero for Pelfry last year. Given we've been shopping Rauch for three years I think it's safe to say that we got what we could get.

Ben, I'm still interested in the timing, though -- it's unlikely other teams were beating down AZ's door for little Emilio. Wonder why Jimbo felt compelled to make it happen Tuesday, instead of waiting until closer to next Thursday? Again, I'm perfectly OK with this deal...

You got me. I can't explain a lot of Bowden's actions. My guess is that the opportunity for Lowery went away because he's become the everyday shortstop in Boston, and no one was that interested. Like I say, it's been three years. But that's only a guess based on nothing.

I think it may have had something to do with the Guzman extension--Bowden wanted to get that done rather than take a chance Guzman would change his mind and go on the free-agent market, and once it was, there was no point waiting to trade Rauch for Bonifacio.

Michael Bowden was ranked #17 in Baseball America's midseason top 25 prospects list (#8 pitcher), highest of any eligible Red Sox prospect. http://www.baseballamerica.com/online/prospects/rankings/top-100-prospects/2008/266496.html (sub req'd) His stock has risen quite a bit since that organization top 10 list was done in January, mowing down AA competition as a 21 year old. Paired with the now-starting Lowrie, I would say, yes, that would constitute asking for too much.

WHAT ABOUT FLOP? Where is he going? Can we get rid of him? Could we trade he and Lo Puka for a dozen balls? (ha, I wrote balls)

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