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July 21, 2008


Has anyone else wondered if there might possibly be some sort of strained link between the fact we have a team in terrible physical condition, and a lot of injuries? Maybe I'm paranoid?

Seriously though, watching Young and Belliard standing next to each other in the field makes me instinctively guard my fries like I back in the school cafeteria!

Ben, wasn't it Brian Schneider & John Patterson last year (or maybe two years ago?) who had all junk food removed from the post-game spread in the clubhouse, replaced with fruit and veggies or something like that? I'm too lazy to google it, but I seem to remember a forced push for healthier eating one year...(and yes, I think you're paranoid).

Also, add Johnny "Hot Plate" Estrada to your list of Nats you'll want to hide your Five Guys fries from...

I probably am paranoid because if it poor conditioning that led to injuries Belliard wouldn't have played a game for us yet!

I seem to remember that story too and, it begs the question: Why the Hell are the players leading a charge to a healthy life style and not the Damn coaches? Maybe if Dimitri introduced to the concept of the side salad with his Krusty Burger six months ago we might not have LoDuca on first right now. Sorry.

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