July 20, 2008


I love you man! You've given me reason to live.
But here's a question: Who is the next GM?

For some reason I'm not getting your RSS feed anymore. Is there some trick I don't know? (Not that there's any reason I'd expect you to know.)

Seems both of you have tackled the question and answers yourselves over at your respective place(s), much, much better than I can...Can I just throw out a name, and not explain why? It's too hot outside right now to explain. Ok, here it goes:


it has to be Rizzo. The man has an amazing eye for talented you athletes. I've thought for a while that the front office has been grooming him to take over. Thing is, just as the lerners don't seem to feel the need to rush young players through in what is obviously a losing seaon, they seem to not feel a need to rush Rizzo. I can't believe that tight fisted Stan hasn't wanted to fire him for a while. I mean Lopez for Godssake!!! Bowden can spot athleticism, Rizzo can spot people that can use their athleticism.

Rizzo certainly seems to make sense...especially in terms of keeping some semblance of organizational continuity. But we'll see what Jimbo pulls out of his ass over this next week+ ... that could go a long way towards buying him another year (assuming he's squeaky clean in the scouting scandal, of course.)

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