August 22, 2008


I don't hate my job, i just hate Jim Bowden.

He's not an indentured servant. If he's so unhappy, he could quit. Of course, IIRC he has an ownership stake as well, so that could be awkward.

By the by, why does everyone gloss over the fact that Stan Kasten, co-architect of the Braves dynasty is also Stan Kasten, architect of the Nat-like Atlanta Hawks?

Yeah, Nate, his Hawk-years certainly do get glossed over...

Back to his unhappiness...I wonder if it is as simple as a rift over Bowden -- that the Lerners love him, Stan wants him gone (as the commenter above suggests)...but right now Mark & Ted won't let him pull the trigger?

It's no secret Stan wanted Jim fired last summer. At least, it's no secret around here.

NE, get an IP check on anonymous, stat!

This is the worst GM in the league we are talking about. This is harder to watch than the 62 Mets.

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