August 21, 2008


I wonder what it will feel like to root for this franchise when it doesn't have a GM who wants to accumulate all the Nook Logans and Junior Spiveys of the world.

I can't wait to find out.

Holy CRAP. Could we please try to get some guys who hit freakin' home runs?

The state of the Nats' bench actually makes me miss Daryl Ward.

Hendo, you'll probably find out soon enough...

I'm baffled that they would (or Jimbo would?) have interest in adding a player like Willy T... Just seems like the last sort of piece the team needs to be looking to add in the offseason. Granted, it's one line from an unnamed major league source, but it makes you scratch your head.

Tracy Ringoldsby of the Dever Post has been reporting for weeks this unnamed baseball source has also said the Nats are grooming Rizzo for the GM job, depsite no one in the DC press having reported it. take this with a grain of salt. why is it the Denver Post supposedly knows more than the DC media. and who is this unnamed baseball source giving Tracy Ringoldsby his info?

How much trouble would it have saved the Nats if in March 2005 they just said "Endy, you're batting 8th, hitting .260 with no power and no OBP, and giving us good fielding for as long as you can."

Dave, it IS interesting that the Post (Denver, not Wash) seems more interested in floating Nationals-related rumors out there than any outlet in the DC-media. In this case, it was a fellow named Troy E. Renck, not Ringolsby...but we'll still take it with that grain of salt. Who knows, though? Maybe Ringolsby et. al. have someone on the inside with the Nats...

harper...yeah, I don't know, I was always more of a Brandon Watson guy, myself...

Hello! Don't forget about me.

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