September 17, 2008


Love playing the spoiler. But as someone who starting following the Mets when we did not have a team because WFAN comes in so strongly around here at night, dang it, can't we do this to the Phillies for a change?! The Phils are the team I really wish we could take out. Anyone in the same boat I am?

Love hurting the Mets, darn shame it helps the Phillies.

I dislike all the other NL East teams (though feel a kindred connection with the fish given the ineptitude of the entire franchise), so the only answer is for us to someday win the NL East.

Yeah, right...

I'm reading through these past few posts in a hurry but congratulations on your 3 new sons. They look like quite a handful!

DMan, CKS:

Spoiler is fun, but we're just hoping the Nats take the last 2 against the Mets, sweep the season finale vs. the Phillies. To hell with both of 'em. Oh, and don't forget to get swept by the Marlins and Padres, securing Worst Place in Baseball, and the rights to draft Strasburg.


Nice, very well played.

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