September 28, 2008


At this point -- notwithstanding the relative effectiveness of Coonelly and Huntington vs. Kasten and (especially) Bowden -- I'd a hell of a lot rather deal with Boras than with the Hendrickses.

So what you're basically saying, Hendo, is that you'd rather make a deal with the Devil -- and don't get me wrong, Scott Boras is Satan -- than with the Hendricks Brothers?

What a year. Don't you just feel completely beaten down by this season?

Enough of the negative bullshit crap. You are not a real fan. Real fans stick by their teams through thick and thin. And please lose the "Lerners are Cheap" schtick. It is getting old.

The Lerners only care about their shopping malls, they weren't qualified to own a baseball team. Screw them.

@Anon: Guilty as charged. Admit it, though: you're scared shitless the Nats will draw some imaginary line in the sand against Boras and whether it's realistic or not they'll go down in flames defending said line.

@Tom: Now, that's not fair at all! Screw you!

I hate you.

The real problem is the career minor leaguer they have supposedly steering the ship day to day. Manny Acta must go!

Boooooooooo! Booooooo! Boooooo! Fire everybody!

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