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October 16, 2008


My sentiments exactly. Go Rays!

I've really grown to hate the Phils. I think their fans are much more obnoxious than the Mets fans. So go Rays too! I'll even root for the Sox if they make the big comeback.

We're with you both. Then again, if we're basing this on obnoxious fans, it doesn't get much worse than Rays fans, with their cowbells and thundersticks, and mohawks and all that...

Ugh, if it's the Sox/Phillies, who do I root for? Both are annoying fan bases for entirely different reasons (assuming you can't get the wheat from the chafe with the socks, ie the real fans from the pink hats).

I for some reason like that Tampa is the closest in the US we have to Japanese baseball fans. I'm hoping they bust out flares in the stands if they make it to the World Series ala Euro football. They could even have hooligans!

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