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October 04, 2008


JimBow will never trade for Khalil Greene, but only because Greene never played for the Reds organization.

Then again, Jimbo (or JimBow, whatever) seems to have moved on from his ex-Reds fetish, judging from his latest batch of deals.

Khalil Greene, career on the road: .270 .318 .484

Sign me up.

Kevin Towers supposedly doesn't talk to Bowden anyhow, so I wouldn't worry about it.

Maybe this is that Big Bopper they've been talking about to protect Zimmerman. Though the guy looks like he weighs 120 lbs. soaking wet. That's not very big.

But Chris: Guz, career at HOME: .289 .327 .416 !!11!1!!

I guess that's why Bowden signed him up to begin with?

Bigger point is: I was just surprised to read this - even if for what it's worth it's a single throw away line in a bigger story about the Padres. But it seems to me that with much, much bigger problems than SS (at least for the next year), and with what I'm guessing is going to be somewhere around ~$15 million in payroll to add in the offseason -- and that's being optimistic, based on no facts whatsoever -- Greene (and his $4.5 million) doesn't make sense. I can't fathom why they'd be interested now.

December 2007: different story.

F.P. -- I forgot to mention: if you intended to drop a little F.P. Santangelo humor into the mix with your initials in your comment? Mission accomplished!

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