December 23, 2008


Coal is at least useful.

Coal: useful or not; discuss.

Meanwhile, let's all pray this Corey Patterson minor league deal keeps Jimbo from pulling the trigger on any and all deals involving Wily Taveras. That's all The Nationals Enquirer wants for Christmas...

No.. you guys will definitely sign Patterson and the Reds will sign Taveras. Taveras will be terrible and the Reds will non-tender him after one year. Then the Nats will sign him. That's just the way this twisted symbiosis of suck goes.

"Symbiosis of suck" -- that has a nice ring to it, Dan!

Nice to see how talent flows - Corey Patterson bombs with the Cubs and goes to Baltimore. When that fails he gets another chance in Cincinnati, and from Cincinnati to DC. Welcome to the bottom of the barrel, Corey!

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