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February 18, 2009


Why not just come right out and say it. You have wanted Bowden fired for long time, and this is yet another chance to pile on.

How does it feel to be judge, jury, and executioner?

>How does it feel to be judge, jury, and executioner?

To be honest, it feels pretty damn good, Jon. Come on - in general, we think Bowden has done an OK job. Not great, not bad. We enjoy a good laugh at his expense. I don't think we've ever openly advocated for his firing - but we may have openly speculated about it.

Head over to NJ and read the full transcript of Stan's conf call. There's an undercurrent of Stan drawing a distinct line between "them" and "us"; I get the sense Jimbo falls on the "them" side. Just a gut feeling we got.

Next, I suggest you head over and read Nate's take on the situation over at Nats Triple Play. That post probably captures what we're feeling a little better than anything you might read over here.

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