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March 30, 2009


Seriously, as a Sox fan I can tell you this guy can be sooooo much fun to have on your team!

Seriously, as a female Cards fan who has had the distinct "pleasure" of riding in an elevator with an Aramis coated, mesh shirt wearing Julian Tavares...he would be lucky to land a 600 pounder!

@JCD: That's why we're keeping our fingers crossed around here that he makes the team. Things were getting a little boring around here since the Jim Bowden Circus left town.

@redbirdgirl: Mesh shirt! What's not to love (even for a 600 pounder)?

What I really meant to say was: When you go to a club until 4 a.m. and [are] just waiting, waiting, a 300-pounder looks like Marc Anthony.

A friend of mine calls these ladies "slump busters." Sadly, no one has ever called J Tav a slump buster. Sigh.

what did that Hockey dude say about sloppy seconds?

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