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March 21, 2009


Draft him...worst case scenario you fail to sign him and get the second pick in next year's draft. Bad? Yeah, but it atleast gives you the opportunity to get a deal done.

Andrew - agreed. I think that's the only acceptable option here.

High drama looming, that's for sure...

I am a Phils phan and my backside still hurts from the JD Drew debacle, so I feel your pain! I would draft him, losing him to Japan for a year wouldn't scare me a bit.

He's got to start somewhere, AA, AAA, ..... $50M to an 18-19yr old -- recession my butt!

He'll be 21 by draft time, but that's neither here nor there.

Draft him, and try like hell to sign him. Boras (or was it Dice-K?) backed down when the Red Sox played hardball, so he can concede, all be it rarely.

I'm sharpening up on my stabbing skills, just in case Boras doesn't make at least one decent request by the time it's all through, however.

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