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March 08, 2009


What a cynical prick you are. It's still spring training and the production out of the team and out of Dunn has been pretty damn positive. There's no reason to shit on everyone's parade before opening day.

Let this site die and start one about a different team. Assclown.

Go Nats.

Most appropriate comments by Chris H. Since we read upbeat positive remarks by Manager Acta in the Washington Post, it only figures that a jerk writing for the less than professional, Nationals Enquirer would take the negative view!

I don't disagree with any of your points. Sorry to poop on your parade, guys!

(note that I am typing this while wearing my Nationals #1 foam finger).

I am going to agree with the webmaster here. I've watched all (and I mean all of the WBC) games, and Adam looks like someone pissed in his cornflakes. Of course, he has always looked like that.

But this is the WBC. You are lucky enough to be surrounded by nothing but all-stars, playing against quite a few more all-stars. Your dugout is filled with a bunch of guys who "lef their egos at home" and are relishing the moment. You have the rest of your career to look moody, but for this tournament...DUDE, at least crack a smile and chuckle when Jimmy Rollins is dancing for ya!!!

Are you sure you don't have Adam Dunn confused with Jose Guillen, Tommy? (Jose plays for the DR, by the way)

By all accounts, Dunn has been a really happy camper on his WBC squad, mashing baseballs and providing lots of comic relief for his teammates. For example, I offer you:


Don't get me wrong; we love making stuff up around here, but I'm a bit puzzled by your comments...

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