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April 27, 2009


As someone who attended both a high schooi and a college that were know for athletic incompetence in nearly every sport, I've learned how to revel in the bad. If you are going to be bad, raise it to an art form. Nats ace that test last night. My fill in the blank - '62 Mets, here we come!!!

DMan, we feel your pain. Still shellshocked over here this morning.

Nice work on the fill in the blank suggestion, too...

Silly me, I'd turned away from the game in the late innings assuming we had this one locked up. VERY silly me.

Kara, I think you mean lucky you? VERY lucky you. Lucky that you didn't witness the trainwreck.

Fire Bowden!

Oh, wait...

Actually, Nate, we blame Carlos Daniel Alvarez Lugo for last night...

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