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April 09, 2009


Love for the Phillies and a thumb in the eye for the Nats? Outrageous. (I have other and better words, but they are not safe for work.)

Hmmmm... disses Nats, favors Phillies.

Sounds like Stan Kasten!

(great headline, btw)

Phils fans are in agreement with you guys...it's awful and inexcusable that he snubs the Nats in this way. Typical of this prez though.

you bet if it was basketball he'd be all over it, but baseball no!

Oh shut the hell up you babies. Had the thrown the pitch it would've sent you rushing (no pun intended) to your blogs to whine about how he's too busy fucking around with an opening pitch instead of doing his job.

"Typical" of this prez? Care to back that up with any factual statements derived from his whopping three months on the job? Yeah, I thought so.

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