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May 28, 2009


I'd love to see Manny at least more frequently get out of the dugout to politely argue, just to make the point and show the guys he has their back. My *hope* is that he lobbies umpires in other ways, behind the scenes.

But on the replay calls, he's not allowed to argue. And Dunn got really close to being thrown out last night for even asking about it. Not sure if there is a fine/penalty to it as well.

The umpire comments were interesting, they definitely think they got the call right...

Can we call this the magical baseball, complete with a zapruder film? "You can see the Nats season go back and to the left . . . back and to the left."

Manny must go - he does not protect his guys. Agree, not much can be done about the replay (the death of officiating in all sports, but thas's another topic). but what torks me off is he did not come out to argue the phantom balk call on Colome later in the game. There are times you have to come out and do it, and he doesn't.

HalfStreetBlues has been saying that for YEARS! Literally! Manny doesn't stick up for his guys. Never has. And he doesn't blow them out when they suck.

He's been biding his time to go back to New York. But he may have done such a bad job here, that even his boyz in NYC wouldn't take him back.

Yes, 1/2SB, you've been on this for quite some time now, for sure.

Was shocked - SHOCKED - when Manny didn't blow up after the balk call...how does he not lose it completely there -- after everything leading up to that moment in the series, it was the perfect time to come out and put on a show, kick some dirt, get thrown out, show his guys he's got their backs. Nope. Nothing.

DMAN, I'm afraid a managerial change won't change much - this is simply a poorly constructed team (thanks to Jimbo, with an assist from Rizzo). But after last night, I've finally turned the corner. The organization needs to make a move now, has to do something to shake this thing up. Judging from the on-field effort, Manny Acta has lost these guys.

Like we said earlier this morning, we won't be surprised if the axe falls on Sunday if he doesn't get out of Philly this weekend with a win or two.

ckstevenson: "politely" argue? Yeah, I guess that would be a big step for our Manny...

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