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June 23, 2009


How many "pink hats" will be in attendance? (both literally; and figuratively, meaning the people who have become Sox fans after the winning began)

Well, this should be fun. For the first time all year I think they'll have to dig into the standing room only tickets (according to the guy I spoke with earlier today), so at least those of us who decided to brave the swarm later won't bend over to do so.

The only thing that matters is Old Man Lerner must have been happy seeing all those Red Sox fans' fannies filling those seats. After all, the bottom line is all that cheapskate cares about and Red Sox fans' money is still green after all. Although I hate the Red Soxs, I respect their brutality as they ran up the score against the Nats.

Hey, no complaints here, as long as Mr. Lerner spends some of that Pink Hat cash signing Strasburg!

So, what's a bigger waste of time? Standing in a long, long beer line on Tuesday night only to find, when you reach the front, that it is "Cash only?" OR, taping some very out of tune Red Sox "fans" (Real Red Sox fans wear Yaz shirts) singing "Sweet Caroline?"

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