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June 25, 2009


Wondering if it will be a Boston three party this evening...excuse the awful play on words.

I've sat next to the "10 millionth fan" before, and he is a tool (precisely a year ago today actually against the Angels, when he was the 9,621,077th fan). With about 10 open seats in the row, my friends and I accidently sat -- get this -- two seats away. Evidently, he had purchased these season tickets so he would have space for his jacket and other items(his parents were on the other side of him, and I don't buy that in their abscence he'd have 4 other friends). He immediately starting whining and threated to call an usher if we didnt move a seat down to our proper location. Welcome to NatsTown!

You'll find me at the Red Loft tonight. J.Z., please bring us one.

Love the awful play on words, Big Oil. Nothing makes our day like a bad pun - check our post headlines daily for proof.

In fact, if it ends up a sweep tonight, we might consider using it tomorrow. Stay tuned. Hopefully it doesn't come to that.

(sorry to hear Mr. 10 Million is a whiner)

Not to worry -- glad I came across the website. You guys reflect very accurately the sentiment of most loyal nationals fans, namely, expect the worst, and attempt to get some humor out of it.

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