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June 16, 2009


I understand that other fans are upset that Manny never argued calls, and then the few times he's come out he's not been visibly irate or thrown things etc. I think there may even be one fantastic Nats blog that shares those feelings.

But no one should be surprised by this. Manny's commented publicaly NUMEROUS times now that he won't yell, it's not his style any more. He says he did it in the minors, and even previously had a really bad temper, but found that yelling at umps doesn't work.

So if the "bosses" don't like that he doesn't yell, well they are triply idiots because they should have known this.

How did this title go up and not a single reference to Kirk Cameron make it into your post?

@ckstevenson: you've clearly invested some money in real estate in Manny Acta Apologistville. Is it true what they say about the weather there: always sunny and clear blue skies?

@harper: because it just gets dicey when you start dropping Kirk Cameron references. Next thing you know I'd be trying to correlate Alan Thicke to Pat Corrales and Tracey Gold to Julian Tavarez; nobody wins in that scenario.

I will say, Fireproof is almost criminally underrated...

Did you mean Firestorm? I'm just going to assume you meant Firestorm...

Real estate prices are cheap, buy buy buy.

I'm not apologizing for the guy, I didn't defend him or say to keep him around. What I am saying is that the "bosses" are idiots if they didn't know he's not a yeller. And anyone who wants him to be, will be sorely let down. The guy won't do it.

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