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June 28, 2009


Bit of intel for you fellows, if you didn't already know (w/ re: to the twitter post that you were searching for the unicorn $6 brew): it actually does exist inside the club concourse on the 200's level at a few select locations. They call it "regular" size. Naturally, Nats fans (and vendors, apparently), know that this isn't near enough adequate and thus shell out $7.50 for water with traces of bud light.

Not really sure of the Langerhans move -- I read elsewhere (and seem to recall) him being above average defensively. Morse is less talented defensively and has performed on an equal level to Milledge during their MLB careers. So the question becomes, was it necessary to go outside the system to acquire a slightly better defender with what has been called an "iffy" bat (in Morgan, if it happens) at the cost of an in-house defensive replacement (Langerhans) and OF like Milledge, who, despite obvious issues like coachability, discipline, etc. has at least ability to contribute down the road? I'm not sure -- "Sweet Jesus (not Colome or Flores)..." sums it up nicely.

RE: $6 beers...thanks for the intel...but we'll have to see it to believe it

RE: We're scratching our heads over here at NE HQ about the Langerhans, Morse, move, and the Morgan, Milledge, etc. talk.

Given the good luck (and empty wallet) I've had on a couple occasions this summer, I don't expect to see the club level much anymore.

Who pitched for us tonight, and what did they do with Scott Olsen?

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