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June 13, 2009


You're right. He should have been canned on an off day a few weeks ago, if not months ago. And straight to his face. This leak is a load of crap.

What is bad, is he'll go off to the Mets and be great. His style of managing just doesn't work when you don't have Delgado and Beltran to bail you out. Small ball has to be played in this city to be successful.

Agree. We have no argument with the move, just the execution of the move; and that speaks volumes about the organization.

We wish Manny no ill will, wish him the best of luck in NY - except, of course, when he's facing the Nats.

Stop with the Manny Acta Mets jokes. The man is about to lose his job and you treat it like a punchline.


Okay, we'll stop with the Manny Acta/Mets jabs soon; most likely end of day Monday.

"And while you're handing out pink slips, be sure to fire the team employee who leaked the story to Rosenthal"

Does that mean Stan Kasten must fire himself?

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