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June 15, 2009


Awesome, this kid needs to go to the pros now and earn lots of money and save. You never know what might happen. ie injury ect.ect. He can always go back to school. It is never to late to get an education. I cant say the same for baseball or any other sport that is. Eventually you get to old. You can go to school up to the day you die a ripe old age. Good luck to this fine young man.

I agree with Mr. Potts - best of luck to him!

If he has the tools to compete at the pro level and is smart enough to figure out that he can get a GED and be accepted by a
college, He most probably has the tools to make it work for him now. GO FOR IT. Another chance like this may not happen if he waits.

Are you morons serious? Everyone needs an education that goes at least through high school. What is this pathetic country coming to? By the way Bill Potts, your post is filled with grammatical errors so maybe you should go back to school and get an education TOO. You of all people shouldn't be the one endorsing leaving an education behind. I hope he breaks his leg and is forced to go back school.

Wow Phil, you're quite an ass. Go for it Bryce! If only my child is as lucky.

I can't decide which way to view. On one hand, I feel that if the kid is smart enough to be accepted at CSN, he should be able to play. On the other side, have we really accepted that a high school diploma is not needed in life? No matter. Good luck Mr. Harper, in whatever you choose to do.


Good luck Bryce, you're a lucky boy.

phil you are a idiot!!! go for it bryce you are the man!!!

it's not like he is really leaving school right away. he still has one year of college before he can go into the draft, which is one more than anybody in high school. i know it's not the exact same when a math prodigy leaves high school to go to college to get a head start ahead of the others but it is comparable and nobody has a problem with that

Just to show you, that our school system is not very good. I can tell you from experience i've learned more in college that i did back in high school. I support bryce 100% hopefully my son is lucky and talented enough that i would not mind having drop out and go to a community college.

Playing for the pro's isn't as easy as some of you may think. I hope the boy has success, but also hope he can handle the STRESS and pressure that all of this puts on him to provail. He will be a boy in a man's sport.

For the good of all Man-Kind, please keep Scott Boras away from this kid.


The key here is that Harper isn't dropping out of school and throw his education by the wayside. He's going to take a GED exam, presumably pass it, and demonstrate that he is intelligent and educated enough to pursue post-high school coursework, the same as any other 17 year old kid in the country could.

Really if the concern is that "everyone needs an education that goes at least through high school" it should be mitigated both by the fact that he's going show that he has the education level of a high school graduate and that he is going to do a year of college coursework before he goes into the draft.

You said IF the is that everyone needs an education. The real concern should be for his maturity and growth. Only God truly knows the best path for him to take, but we should presume that his parents of all people are looking out for his best interests. There is no evidence to suggest otherwise.

PPL 1st of all leave god out off it he got no business in this. 2nd of all if he he is good enough mentally and physically to play pro ball let him do it. 3rd of all an education can be obtained at any time no questions asked but the learning process and the education during college years can't be denied by anybody.

@Me: God is underrated; college is overrated.

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