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July 10, 2009


I use to sarcastically call Dibble - Rob Drivel because I thought he was such a homer. El Rey now realizes the errors of his ways. Rob Dibble for President!! Or at least new manager of the Nats!!!

@El Rey, we were skeptical at first that he'd be good for the job (even though we enjoyed his work on XMRadio)...but Dibble has been a pleasant surprise. Got no problems with the "we this" and "we that" homerism. His tirade last night was classic (Ray Knight, too) -- MASN might even call it a Defining Moment. Just wish Dibs would connect the dots to Manny a bit more...

From your previous post - "The beauty of the 2009 Washington Nationals is that on any given night there's a really good chance you'll see something you've never seen before and/or couldn't possibly imagine..."

From Steinberg - "For the third time this week, let me write these words: you have to keep watching this baseball team every night because of the chance that you'll see something the universe has never seen before."

This is exactly what my "Embrace the Bad" philosophy is all about. There is something Karmic in the air about this season. WE ARE SEEING TRUELY REMARKABLE THINGS (albeit mostly at the expense of our beloved Nats). This is the rarified air of elevating losing to high art I like to talk about. The trick is not being hopelessly bad, but being just good enough to be entertainingly/ fascinatingly bad. That is a rare combination - like a movie that is so bad it's good.

We are not watching a team with hopelessly inferior talent being mercilessly pounded by better teams. That was last year's team and watching them was pure drudgery. This year there is enough talent to be competitive in many games, but the team is so poorly constructed that it is tragically less than the sum of its parts. You never know which part will break down on any given night. And in those games when multiple parts fail, seemingly magical confluences of cosmic coincidence start to occur. They can lose in the most unbelievable and gut-wrenching ways imaginable (and in some cases beyond). And sometimes all the pieces hold together to produce almost incomprehensibly good results. I ask once again, how did this team take 2 out 3 from the Yankees? It's as if we are watching an Edward Wood movie about a baseball team (Plan Nat from Outer Space perhaps?).

Personally, I AM HOOKED. I truly can't wait for each game to see what will happen next. I call out to all Nats fans - Watch and listen to the games. Get out to the stadium.* We are watching something special.

* Don't buy the over-priced concessions.

PS - I too am warming up to Dibble, especially since there are unsubstantiated reports in the Natmosphere that the "we" talk was directed by the Lerners.

PSS - My defining moment - Bernadina breaks leg subbing for Dukes in the very game Dukes is benched for being 5 minutes late from his Little League appearance. Let no good deed go unpunished.

You've converted us, DMan! Great stuff. "Like a movie so bad that it's good"...Embrace the bad...

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