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July 18, 2009


Nationals Enquirer Brown Bag Night? El Rey will buy a ticket for that game. I’ll put an upside down Curly W on my bag. Beware stadium security though. They are like Nazis in Nats Land. Give some guys a clipboard and a little authority and it goes to their head. Beimel does have a point. The D.C. area crowd is too politically correct and is almost too afraid to Boo except when W threw out the first pitch last year. Most Nats fans are wimps! They would stand by and watch their wives and kids get slapped around by street thugs outside the stadium. Believe it or not, there are still some Nats fans that believe in “The Plan”.

waoo,what a child.boston and cubs just to name a few always support their teams no matter what,and you going to take it against a poor guy who goes everyday and doing his very best,the nationals are bad but is your team, focus your anger in the owners and front office who got the players,,no player goes out to the field to lose,go yourself and try,you are another losser fan of a losser team,you should put the brown paper bag but for yourself,looser

FU Beimel

Love it, rafael! We're all a bunch of lossers around NatsTown! (see you at NE Brown Bag Night?)

I for one agree with Joe...most of the fans DON'T care. They arrive in 4th inning, leave after the 7th and spend most of the time in between running their yaps. I'll bet if you quizzed all the fans sitting in the stadium during the middle of the game and asked them to tell you the score without looking at the scoreboard less than half of them would answer correctly.

It's pathetic.

i agree with beimel, nats fans are a bunch of losers just like their team! Send that team back to canada where they belong. Canadians aren't baseball fans they have an excuse not to care!

Joe Beimel is the best thing to happen to the Nats!!! It's true - when I went to a few Nats games in DC, you couldn't tell who the home team was. Visitor teams fans went crazy while Nats fan seemed apathetic. Go #97!!!!!

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