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July 13, 2009


Kasten walked into the manager's office after the game and said "Oh, you're still here?"

Kasten suggested Manny talk to Jim Bowden about whether he would be managing after the all-star break.

Was hoping they sent a Pizza delivery guy with the pink slip or something; sorry to hear Stan delivered the news himself, in person!

"'Bizarre' is a good name for it. I never seen it before in my life. I've seen guys commit balks, but not while he is walking a guy intentionally." (Manny Acta, via Washington Post, 7/12/2009) I liked your post tile "Mannyball". New and inventive ways every night!! Is Riggleman a worthy carrier of the flame of Mannyball? Time will tell.

@DMan: Glad you liked the Mannyball title - we're kicking ourselves over here for coming up with it the night he got fired-- probably could've gotten some mileage out of that gag over here. Oh well.

Now, we have no idea what to expect about Riggleman as a manger. At this point, we're sort of hoping for signs of improvement over improvement. We don't want them to blow the #1 pick in the 2010 draft, afterall.

Embrace the bad, my friend. Embrace the bad...

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