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July 21, 2009


Are the odds long? Yes. Is it probable? No. But is it impossible? NO I'd like to point out a few things.

First, and possibly the scariest, the Nats ARE HEALTHY! The only notable injury is Jesus Flores. Last year's rash of injuries showed the farm system has few position players ready to fill in adequately today (except for Dukes, but our FO doesn't seem to want him).

Second, what if Rizzo executes a house cleaning for prospects? Please refer to prior point about position players on the farm.

Third, the Nats are planning to shut down the young guns early to preserve their arms. All the other JD Martin clones will be coming up.

Prolonged play bad enough to make 120 a possibility has happened in the past - remember the Orioles finished the 2002 season on a 4-32 bender. I do tend to think a swoon of this type is the least likely thing to occur, because, shockingly, the Nats longest losing streak this year is only 7 games. But then again, that Oriole team was an even 63-63 before that remarkable collapse ...

A few trades for prospects and a couple of key injuries and we could be off to the races!

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