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August 13, 2009


this retard can't get a name right? that is a disgrace! betts is a key to our offenense. and has been the answer to many key plays. GO SKINS , and tell 'em it's BETTS. if you cant spell B E T T S

Betts is also the dumb one, it could of read "loser"
And he still would of wore it!

Are you sure Betts is the real loser or the dumb one? I am quite sure YOU SHOULD HAVE said, "It could HAVE read, not could OF read..." and YOU SHOULD HAVE said, "Would HAVE worn, instead of saying would OF WORE". Hmmmmm, my bet's on Betts. He and the Redskins will be the real winners. You, Mr. Einstein, are the real loser when it comes to having a relatively decent command of the English language.

P.S. Are you sure YOU don't work for the company responsible for misspelling Bett's name? What does everyone else think? Are you with me?

I'm with ya!

I hate it when cowardly people make reference to other people's grammar. Is that the best you can come up with? Slam somebody because they write a sentence incorrectly? It seems to be the trend with ALL forums and comment sections. Oh easy target, lets be-little this person at their own expense to make me look like I am a scholar with a PHD. This whole article is about mis spelling, keep it out of the comments you loser.

P.S can you please proof read my comment and tell me where my grammar and spelling mistakes are? There are a few in there just for you, keep your eyes peeled! If you can I will reward you with a chocolate and golden star.

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