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August 28, 2009


Makes me think of the question at his ESPNZone appearance where he was asked about not sliding headfirst as he tends to overslide.

Or, you know, stop doing it because it is an unnecessary healthy risk that places additional wear and tear on your body and puts your fingers, hands and wrists at risk.

Some idiots wrote him off as Nook Logan without the HGH immediately upon his arrival. Nyjer Morgan made 'em look like really dumb idiots.

It takes a big person to admit when they are Wrongy Wrongerson. Good stuff.

I love Nyjer Wilson!!

This is off subject, but I'm curious to know. I think the Nats have the ugliest home uniforms in baseball. If they would incorporate a little blue and maybe put a W on the chest, they would look a whole lot better. And the present numeral style has got to go.

The road unis look pretty good because the color scheme is a whole lot better.

Is anyone else annoyed by the home uniforms or just don't care?

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